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1.1     Transmission Technology

Ø Substation planning and design

Ø Switchgear  technology

Ø Gas insulated switchgear (GIS)

Ø Grounding system for power system

Ø Substation grounding

Ø Design and construction of underground extra high voltage transmission line in urban area

Ø Power transformer design, testing and maintenance

Ø Circuit breaker testing and maintenance

Ø Underground cable engineering and technology

Ø Power system protection

Ø Protection relay testing and commissioning

1.2    Distribution Technology

Ø Design, construction and maintenance of overhead distribution line

Ø Hotline maintenance

Ø Conversion of overhead line to underground cable system

Ø Underground cable jointing and termination : Theory and practices

Ø High voltage cable test and diagnostics

Ø Power distribution system reliability improvement

Ø Reliability calculation methodologies Loss calculation, monitoring and improvement methodology

1.3    Smart Grid Technology

Ø Supervisory control and data acquisition/ energy management system (SCADA/EMS)

Ø Supervisory control and data acquisition/ distribution management system (SCADA/DMS)

Ø Substation automation system (SAS)

Ø Advanced metering infrastructure/ automatic meter reading (AMI/AMR)

Ø Geographic information system (GIS)

Ø Outage management system (OMS)

Ø Distribution automaton system (DAS)

Ø Feeder automation (FA)

Ø Call center

Ø Electric vehicle

Ø Demand side management (DSM)

Ø Demand Response (DR)

1.4    Asset Management

Ø Asset management in power distribution business

Ø Application of BS PAS  and ISO 55000 for asset management

Ø Database application for asset management

Ø Condition monitoring and life assessment for power network components : transformers, cables, circuit breakers, switchgears, etc.

1.5    Renewable Energy

Ø Grid code for renewable energy connection

Ø Impact and mitigation of renewable energy penetration in power distribution system

Ø Electric energy storage

Ø Electricity generation from solar rooftop panels

Ø Electricity generation from wind turbines

1.6    Others

Ø Electrical safety

Ø Electrical grounding and bonding

Ø Energy auditing

Ø Computer application in power system

Ø Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Sap Implementation and management

Ø Right-of-way (ROW) policy and practice

Ø Project management for transmission and distribution network construction

Ø Construction planning and management

Ø Metering system, planning and management

Ø Customer service and management

Ø Fleet management

Ø Best practice for environmental compliance

Ø High performance Organization (HPO) Management

Ø 5 S (Seiri, Setion, Seikettsu, Shisuke) Office management technique

Ø Corporate planning and management

Ø Budgeting and financial management

Ø Human resource management

Ø Human resource development scheme

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