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MEA clarifies procedures for exemption from power cut for patients who use electricity for medical devices at homes (bedridden patients)

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On August 11, 2022, Mr. Jumpote Himacharoen, Director of Corporate Communications, Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) disclosed that according to the announcement of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) on the Standards of Electrical Service Agreement B.E. 2558 [2015], electricity suppliers are not allowed to suspend the electricity supply for electricity users, caregivers, or patients who need electricity for lifesaving medical devices  otherwise their lives, bodies or health may be endangered.

MEA, a state enterprise under the Ministry of Interior, has realized its status as a stable and reliable electricity supplier with social and environmental concerns. MEA has driven energy for urban lifestyles while responding to the government policy in the exemption of power cut for electricity users, caregivers, or patients who require electricity for life-support medical devices. MEA has pursued the policy in accordance with the ERC's announcement in a consistent manner by extending the unpaid electricity bills up to 3 months, extending the time to disconnect the power meter or power lines. Thus for electricity users, caregivers, or patients who need electricity for life-sustaining medical devices (such as respirators, suction machines, etc.), please register to receive the grant at the Metropolitan Electricity Authority in any area by bringing evidence to confirm your location (such as electricity bill, power purchase agreement or house registration), a copy of ID card of the applicant or the patient (if any), a medical certificate issued by hospital no more than one month. For those who authorize another person to act on their behalf, please provide a proof of identity of the principal and the attorney-in-fact. For those who have received the grant and need to use electricity in a consistent manner for a long period of time, they shall renew the registration to maintain the exemption of power cut from January 1 to January 31 of every year. Nevertheless, those who have registered for the grant shall pay their bills according to the actual electricity consumption. If they unpaid for more than 3 months or commit other offenses related to the use of electricity or do not follow the said electricity usage regulations, MEA will suspend the electricity supply or cancel the said grant with advanced notice.

For more information, please contact MEA’s offices in any area or social media channels, including Facebook: Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), Line: MEA Connect, Twitter: @mea_news, and MEA 24-hour Call Center on 1130.


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