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MEA conducts merit-making activities and recreation with volunteer staff for the visually impaired

20 ตุลาคม 2559 2547
Ms. Phongphan Kallaprawit, Director of Social and Environmental Activities, presided over the merit-making and recreational activities for the visually impaired, joined by the volunteer staff of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority at the Bangpu Recreation Center in Samut Prakan on July 10, 2015.

MEA took the visually impaired to Samut Prakan along with the volunteer staff, totaling 30 persons, to give offerings dedicated to the monks and to offer early lunch as well as to listen to sermon given by the Abbot of Wat Srichan Pradit Temple so they could train their mind to think good, do good and learn to give in accordance with the Buddha’s Teachings at Wat Srichan Pradit Temple in Samut Prakan. The activities included recreation to entertain the visually impaired through songs performed by The Voice MEA which also gave them a good laugh. The visually impaired also received two Braille books which provided knowledge on how to effectively use electricity and how to safely use electricity for their daily life so they can pass on to the other visually impaired persons.