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Tariff Components

Electricity Tariff Structure 2011-2012 (Update June 2012)

Price Structure comprise 2 parts :

    • 1

      Base Tariff

    • 2

      Automatic Tariff Adjustment (Ft)

1. Base Tariff

Reflect cost of construct power plants transmission and distribution system including fuel and O&M. Under the assumptions of power consumption, fuel prices, exchange rate and inflation rates. Component customers which divide by categories

  Energy Charge (Baht/kWh) Demand Charge (Baht/kW) Service Charge (Baht/Month) Power Factor Charge (Baht/kVAR)
1. residential service P - P -
2. small general service P - P -
3. medium general service P P P P
4. large general service P P P P
5. specific business service P P P P
6. non-profit organizations P P (TOU rate only) P -
7. water pumping for agricultural purposes P P (TOU rate only) P -
8. temporary tariff P - P -

2. Automatic tariff adjustment (Ft)

Ft is fuel prices and power purchasing prices of EGAT and expense occurred government policy which change level of base tariff.Preferably adjusted every 4 months.

3. Vat

In addition to base tariff and Ft, customers must payment valued added tax (VAT at 7%) which includes base tariff and Ft.
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