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Temporary Tariff


This schedule of tariff is applicable to temporary electricity consumption for the use of the construction of buildings or structures, the special time event or the temporarity work, through a single Watt-hour meter.


Energy charge (All voltage level) Baht 6.8283 per kWh


Electrical users in this type of electricity tariff, if they want to change the characteristics of electricity usage permanently or the MEA found that their characteristics of electricity usage in business activities, industry or household have already been changed permanently, they can lodge request for permanent use of electricity to MEA District branch. Users also have to install electrical lines and internal equipments as required by MEA's standards. Users also have to pay for all electricity fees as defined by MEA. The type of electricity tariff they will be included in the type of 1-7 will depend on their characteristics of electricity usage.

Conditions Relating to Electricity Tariffs

    • 1

      The electricity tariffs herein do not include Value Added Tax (VAT).

    • 2

      Electricity charges billed for each month comprising the electricity base charge according to the tariffs herein; and an energy adjustment charge (Ft), which is the uncontrollable cost of the Power Sector. Such as the cost of fuels used in electricity generation that differ from the planned value, impact from rate of exchange and inflation rate. The energy adjustment charge will also be shown in the electricity bill.

**The above tariffs are effective as from the billing month of November 2015**
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