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Small General Service


This schedule of tariff is applicable to a business enterprise, business enterprise cum residence, industrial, government institutions and state enterprise or the alike, including its compound, with a maximum 15-minute integrated demand of less than 30 kilowatt through a single Watt-hour meter.


    • 1

      In any monthly billing period of the customer under this Schedule, the customer with a maximum 15-minute integrated demand up from 30 kW will be classified under Schedule 3 under 3.2, 4 under 4.2 or 5 under 5.2, as the case may be. He will be reclassified under Schedule 2 whenever the said demand is lower than 30 kW for twelve (12) consecutive months.

    • 2

      The customer under No. 2.1 may choose to be under tariff No. 2.2. He or she is required to notify the MEA in advance and must pay for a TOU meter or service charges for a TOU meter in addition to the normal service charge and may switch to tariff No.2.1 following a minimum use of twelve (12) months.

    • 3

      Customers shall pay a monthly service charge although there is no electricity consumption during that month.

Conditions Relating to Electricity Tariffs

    • 1

      The electricity tariffs herein do not include Value Added Tax (VAT).

    • 2

      Electricity charges billed for each month comprising the electricity base charge according to the tariffs herein; and an energy adjustment charge (Ft), which is the uncontrollable cost of the Power Sector. Such as the cost of fuels used in electricity generation that differ from the planned value, impact from rate of exchange and inflation rate. The energy adjustment charge will also be shown in the electricity bill.

**The above tariffs are effective as from the billing month of November 2015**

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