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Corporate News

MEA conducts electrical training programs for strength and safety of 60 communities

17 July 2018 623
On May 30, 2018, Mr. Nipon Chirataweewoot, Assistant Governor of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) presided over the 2018 electrical training programs for 60 community leaders in the electric power distribution areas of MEA in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samutprakarn to provide basic knowledge of electrical systems, electrical hazards and prevention, including how to inspect household appliances, how to provide first aid for electric shock victims and the services of MEA for the benefits of themselves, families and communities on the 2nd Floor of the Multi-Purpose Building, MEA Samsen District.
The Assistant Governor said that MEA has always given importance to public safety. On the occasion of MEA’s 60th anniversary in 2018, the electrical safety training project for 60 communities was organized to provide knowledge and understanding of how to correctly use electricity, how to detect, prevent and rectify electrical hazards, how to provide first aid through CPR and help those who suffer from electrical hazards so that the participants can pass on the knowledge to their communities. The program also gave participants the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and learn from MEA specialists free of charge. Its objectives were to create a network of public alliance, to monitor and solve basic problems of electrical systems for communities, to promote efficient and safe use of electricity in the public and society as well as to provide knowledge and understanding of electrical systems while forming a close bond between energy users and MEA for good. 
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