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Corporate News

MEA conducts Energy Mind Award 2017 ceremony for outstanding energy schools

17 July 2018 461
On May 28, 2018, Mr. Chaiyong Puapongsakorn, Governor of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), presided over an award ceremony to announce and award the winners of the Energy Mind Award 2017 for schools passing the 1-5 star standards, including the Energy Master Award for outstanding school personnel, the Young Energy Master Award for outstanding students and the Energy Mind Team Award for outstanding working group. The event was jointly attended by MEA executives at the A-D Convention Room, Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok.
The Governor of MEA explained that the school assessment standards for energy conservation under the Energy Mind Award program have been consistently carried out by MEA - now in its 10th year with growing concern over Thailand’s energy use and becoming a major factor in global warming. The program was implemented by integrating with schools in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samutprakarn to create a sustainable prevention and mitigation of global warming: instil values, educate young people about their commitment to energy conservation and change their energy consumption behavior for highest efficiency by focusing on the participation of school personnel and students in schools.
Throughout the success of the Energy Mind Award over the past 10 years, 228 schools have joined the program. MEA has expanded its scope of work to include all elementary schools upward in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samutprakarn. Participating schools have integrated the energy and environmental conservation with their curriculum and activities so students could learn how to conserve energy resources properly and systematically for eco-friendly living skills and extend to their houses, communities and societies for good, said Mr. Chaiyong.
In 2017, the Energy Mind Award has been participated by 66 schools. The assessment was divided into levels from 1-5 stars with certificates. Schools whose assessment standards ranked at 2-5 stars will receive prize money to support their energy and environmental conservation efforts in schools. The Energy Master Award for outstanding school personnel, the Young Energy Master Award for outstanding students and the Energy Mind Team Award for outstanding energy conservation team were also provided in the ceremony.
In the category of general schools (500 students or more), 11 schools were awarded the 5-star Energy Mind Award 2017 including St. Francis Xavier Convent School, St Mary's School, Ratchananthajarn Samsenwittayalai 2 School, Chanpradittharam Witthayakhom School, Praphamontree 3 School, Rajavinit Prathom Bangkae School, Assumption College Thonburi, St. Joseph Thiphawan School, Bangkok Christian College, Nawamintharachinuthit Satriwittaya 2 School, and Sainampeung School. In the category of small schools (less than 500 students), 1 school was awarded the 5-star Energy Mind Award 2017, namely Sajja Pittaya School.
The exhibition of “10 Years with Energy Mind Award" was also held at the event to showcase its operation during the past 10 years, leading to school successes in developing energy and environmental activities and extending to communities for efficient use of energy resources for always.

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