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Corporate News

MEA’s Warning: Don’t get frauded by scammers who fake illegal and unsafe power saving devices for summer

18 May 2018 342
Mr. Jaturong Suriyasasin, Corporate Communication Director of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) revealed that summer is approaching now in Thailand hence residents are using more and more electricity due to increased use of electric appliances. Air conditioners, in particular, are now working harder because of the hot climate thus a group of scammers have come up with devices which claim that they can control power meters or reduce the cost of electricity when, in reality, none of the power saving devices can reduce your energy consumption. Currently there are many energy users who have been the victims of such scam. MEA would like to warn all residents to take precautions against those scammers as you may carry out illegal actions and the results can be deadly.   
MEA, as a state enterprise distributing electricity in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samutprakarn, is concerned that residents may be frauded by those fake power saving devices. In fact, MEA would like to emphasize that those cost-saving devices sold by scammers are untruthful. Power meter adjustment and bypassed electric meter have been regarded as illegal, in both civil and criminal terms, and can be monitored by MEA. Violators shall be fined and shall be responsible for the remaining balances in accordance with MEA’s regulations. In addition, such actions may cause power leakage or short circuit – the major cause of fire accidents which may lead to fatal results.  
Those power saving devices distributed online have been considered as consumer fraud with 3 distinctive features detected by MEA as follows: 
1) Appearing as a box or a container with power lines for connections - most of the interiors are filled with capacitors while another type remains circuit free inside and contains only weighted bags.
2) Appearing as a device for the direct connection of electrical outlets.
3) Appearing as a card to be attached to or read by a power supply or an electric appliance.
MEA recommends that the most economical and cost-effective way to save electricity bill is to change your energy consumption behavior by turning on the electrical equipment only when it's time to use and turn it off when not in use. Set the electrical equipment to be suitable for use especially the air conditioner should be set not lower than 26 degrees Celsius because the low temperature or too cold setting will make the air conditioning work harder resulting in more energy consumption. Another way to save electricity is to use the high-performance electrical equipment, such as LED bulb or electric appliance with energy-saving label. 
Youtube: MEA’s warning - do not believe in power saving devices