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MEA’s Warning: Beware of scammers with electricity bill payment scams, threats of power shut-off, meter replacement frauds, and electrical equipment repair tricks

Post of day : 18 May 18 | Read : 18
MEA would like to warn energy users about scammers claiming to be MEA staff holding fake ID cards to identify themselves as MEA service providers to collect electricity bill payments, notify threats of power shut-off, issue fake receipts, replace meters and repair electrical equipment or trick you into losing money.

Mr. Jaturong Suriyasasin, Corporate Communication Director of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) revealed that as there are many scammers now who are claiming to be MEA staff by faking their ID cards to provide off-premise services such as collecting electricity bill payments, notifying power shut-offs, issuing fake receipts, notifying the need to replace your meters, acting as a representative to clean your air conditioners, and providing maintenance and repair services, MEA would like to inform you that we do not send any staff to collect your electricity bill payments, replace your meters or provide maintenance and repair services unless we conduct our CSR activities with your community or implement our projects, which are normally announced to our energy users through our communication channels or the press. For the air conditioner cleaning services, MEA will provide such services only to our customers who have registered as members of the project and made an appointment in advance.
Currently MEA has provided more convenience by offering consumers several ways to pay for electricity– through 18 MEA’s district offices and 12 sub-branches, the government center in the department stores, agent counters, direct debit service, credit card, ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Phone and other payment channels or via our up-to-date MEA Smart Life Application. Download the Application for free at the App Store or Google play, click 
Details of the payment channels can be found at MEA’s website: If you find a person claiming to be MEA staff or acting as an agent for collecting electricity bill payment at your premises, please notify through the nearest MEA district office or MEA Call Center 1130, anytime around the clock.
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