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MEA clarifies why telecommunications lines resulted in power pole falling near Sanam Pao BTS station

Post of day : 13 Sep 17 | Read : 232
In the event where the power pole collapsed while removing telecommunications lines in the BTS Sanam Pao areas on September 11th under the 4th Phase of the Phaholyothin Project, the last stage to lay overhead cables underground, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), as a state unit responsible for overseeing the project, conducted a preliminary investigation and found that the incident occurred while the operators were dismantling a multitude of communications lines whose tensile strength exceeded the pole’s maximum weight-carrying capacity. After the incident, MEA urgently inspected and instructed the operators to act with extreme caution to avoid any collapse in the future. This was the first out-of-control event and no injuries, deaths or property damage reported.
However, MEA urges the line operators to be more cautious for safety. MEA has always committed to carrying out the project as planned for the best benefit of the public. Commencing on August 1, 2017, the project is scheduled to be completed by September 2017. Afterward, people will experience the scenic beauty of the roads with a stable electrical system and safety to pave the way for Bangkok to become a cableless city - Smart Metro - the metropolis of ASEAN.

"Cableless City Smart Metro"
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