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MEA’s Safety Warning!! High-risk flood areas to prevent and move electrical equipment above expected level of flood water

Post of day : 12 Sep 17 | Read : 227
On July 29, 2017 - Due to the current situation with heavy rains and high flow of water into Chao Phraya River and extreme weather caused by tropical storm Sonca, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) has raised concerns over electricity use for safety, recommending people in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakarn especially those who live in bowl-shaped areas with frequent floods as well as the communities outside water barriers along the Chao Phraya and lowland areas, when the water level starts to rise near electrical equipment, promptly move the equipment and power outlets above anticipated flood level to prevent danger from electric leakage or defective device. Check the surrounding trees of your home to ensure they do not rub against power lines to avoid outages and to prevent electric leakage from wet branches. For billboard installers, always make sure billboard structures are secure and safe. Also, follow the news and monitor the situation closely.

If you find MEA’s power lines or equipment in a damaged condition or potentially unsafe and can cause a hazard, please contact MEA officials at any districts or dial 1130 - MEA Call Center or notify through MEA Smart Life Application on your smart phone, available in iOS and Android, anytime around the clock.
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**Please feel free to download ‘MEA Smart Life App' to report power outage, pay the electricity bill and check backdated billing – all in one app… click
Following other media of MEA at the Application: MEA Smart Life
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MEA Call Center: 1130
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