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MEA launches ‘Bid Selling Online System’ for more convenience and smart service

Post of day : 1 Feb 17 | Read : 398
The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) has committed to becoming a leading organization in the international electric power industry and always modernizing service channels for the customers to make it easier and effective to access information in the digital era. Recently, MEA has developed the Bid Selling Online System – one of the MEA e-services in accordance with the government policy aiming to provide more convenience to the public.

The MEA e-service, Bid Selling Online System, is a program developed for bidder’s convenience to be quickler and easier to  buy tender document. For those interested can register and fill out the application form through website and make a payment at Counter Service anytime around the clock and the bidder can monitor the status of payment and download the tender document immediately. This service is regarded as one of the important functions to drive Thailand towards a true Digital Government.

Those who are interested can use the service by accessing the Auction in the  website For more details, please contact the Domestic Procurement Division at 0-2220-5904, 0-2220-5516 and the International Procurement Division at 0-2220-5531, 0-2220-5415 or MEA Call Center: 1130 (24-hour line).


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