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MEA gives fund for mangrove forest planting in year 2014 for 30 schools to increase productivity of Thailand coast

Post of day : 20 Oct 16 | Read : 696
Mr. Siripong Vichai, Assistant Governor of Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) has presided over the funding ceremony to promote mangrove forest planting to the school for 30 cases, 30,000 baht per case, total 900,000 baht. The school will manage the funding to proceed the activity of mangrove forest planting to increase productivity of Thailand coast. This funding is organized under the project of mangrove forest saving the city by Metropolitan Electricity Authority since 2005 until now and gives fund to promote mangrove forest planting to the participated school for 150 schools. 

Moreover, Metropolitan Electricity Authority organizes “MEA cooperates to preserve mangrove forest” activity. There are volunteer staffs of Metropolitan Electricity Authority collaborate with Royal Thai Navy Base, teachers and students from schools, that was funded by mangrove forest planting funding in year 2014, to plant mangrove forest together in Chulachomklao Fort area. This activity promotes young generation and all participants to be conscious of mangrove forest preservation, returning productivity of mangrove forest and coastal ecology of Thailand coast sustainable.
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